Deliola (deliola) wrote,

St. George 34th Annual 7th Street Ukrainian Festival 05/14/2010 - 05/16/10

Featured performing groups include Syzokryli, Iskra, Virtuoso Violinist Valeriy Zhmud, soloist Ksenia Iavorska, soloist Victoria Hordyeyeva, the Saint George Academy Ukrainian Folk Dancers and Singers, and much much more.

There will be a Zabava on Saturday night at the School auditorium starting at 9pm featuring Halychany.

The concert schedule for three days includes:

Friday - 7pm-9pm

Saturday - 2pm-4pm

Saturday - 7pm-9pm

Sunday - 2pm- 3:30pm

Sunday - 4pm - 6pm.

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Tags: music

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