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Haunting Ghost Stories From U.S. Prisons - Deliola — LiveJournal

Oct. 29th, 2008

09:30 am - Haunting Ghost Stories From U.S. Prisons

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"Many prisons built in the 1800s and early 1900s were massive foreboding structures which offered only the most basic needs to the inmates they housed. The antiquated concept of reform was designed to break the spirits and force conformity. The methods used were viewed even then as barbaric by some.
Many who study paranormal activity believe these prisons, each with its own history of immense pain and suffering, attract spirits who are caught between worlds. They believe some of these spirits were too evil to move on, others have old scores to settle and some wander the prison's cell blocks looking for the way out."


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Date:October 29th, 2008 01:37 pm (UTC)
а мы с друзьями знаешь куда ездили?

"Сейчас смотрел фильм "The Amityville Horror", в Нефликсе взял. Так вот этот муви просто "О мааай гааад!!!" Я орал на всю квартиру! :)
Я знаю, что я больной на всю голову, но я так люблю ужасы, особенно такие, когда от страха можно в штаны наложить.

П.С А фильм-то основан на реальной истории, которая произошла в нашем штате Нью-Йорк в графстве Саффолк, в 74 году. Молодой пацан расстрелял всю семью в большом доме. На трех этажах в своих постелях были найдены расстрелянные члены семьи причем все они были в совершенно обычных спящих позах, и полиции абсолютно не понятно, как расстреливая одного за другим другие не просыпались и не пытались бежать... Ответ не найден по сей день.

а вот тут продолжение про поездку:
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Date:October 29th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
Интересно. Обязательно посмотрю. Я вообще в последнее время читаю только про убийства:) Ссылку ты дал на следующий пост- эта http://alsemof.livejournal.com/106177.html правильная.
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Date:October 29th, 2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
О! Что я нашла
According to the Lutzes and their priest, the following events took place during the 28 days the Lutzes lived at 112 Ocean Avenue:

•While the priest was blessing the house as the family move in, a strange masculine voice clearly said to him "Get out!" As he drove back to the rectory, the hood of the priest’s car flew open, smashing against his windshield. One of the welded hinges tore loose. The right door flew open. The car stalled. The priest summoned a friend for help and later the friend called the priest and said, "Do you know what happened to me after I dropped you off? The windshield wipers, they began to fly back and forth like crazy! I couldn’t stop! I never turn them on! What the hell is going on?"

•In the house windows flew up and down and doors were repeatedly ripped off their hinges in the house even though they were securely locked.

•Mrs. Lutz levitated a foot above her bed on several occasions and floated toward an open window. On one of the occasions, when her husband pulled her back, her 30-year-old face had been transformed into the face of a 90-year-old woman - "the hair wild, a shocking white, the face a mass of wrinkles and ugly lines and saliva dripping from the toothless mouth."

•In the dead of winter, hundreds of buzzing flies materialized in one of the upstairs rooms of the house.

•A 12-inch crucifix hung in a closet by Mrs. Lutz revolved until it was upside down and gave off a sour smell.

•The insides of the toilet bowls in two upstairs bathrooms turned absolutely black, "as though someone has painted (them) from the bottom to the edge just below the rim" even though Mrs. Lutz had recently scrubbed both bowls with Clorox.

•Lutz discovered a small secret room in the basement, a room that appeared in no blueprints of the house. It was painted solid red - and had the smell of blood. In one of the red walls, Lutz saw a vision of a face - a face that he would later find from newspaper photographs was that of Ronald DeFeo.

•Every time the family priest would attempt to help the Lutzes, bleeding blisters would erupt on his hands. Telephone calls between the Lutzes and the priest were continually interrupted or cut off by loud noises and eerie sounds, making it impossible for them to communicate.

•While standing outside the house one night, Lutz saw the face of a pig with glowing red eyes in the window of his daughter, Missy. Missy began to continually talk of "my friend Jodie, the biggest pig you ever saw." One night Missy pointed toward her window and there were the two red eyes again. "That’s Jodie," Missy said. "He wants to come in." Mrs. Lutz swung a chair at the window, breaking it and "there was an animal cry of pain, a loud squealing."

•The flowing red eyes again appeared at a downstairs window. When Lutz ran outside, there were tracks in the snow - "No man or woman had made those tracks. The prints had been left by cloven hooves, like those of an enormous pig."

•A bartender who had worked at a party in the house at 112 Ocean Avenue when the DeFeos had lived there told Lutz that he had found the secret red room in the basement and that after seeing it, "I used to have nightmares about it. Sometimes I’d dream that people - I don’t know who they were - were killing dogs and pigs in there and using their blood for some kind of ceremony."

•Mrs. Lutz continued to feel invisible hands gripping her and one day found flaming red welts covering her body, "as though she had been burned by a hot poker."

•Green gelatinous slime began to ooze from the ceiling and from door openings.

•A white-hooded figure, its face half-blasted away as if by a gun, appeared in the living room fireplace and was permanently burned into the fireplace wall.

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Date:October 31st, 2008 05:12 am (UTC)
да, очень интересно. только не знаю, можно ли во всё это верить. а фильм обязательно посмотри! самый последний с райаном рейнолдсом.
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